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Jackalope Decaf


Jackalope Decaf

|12 oz.
Naturally decaffeinated, yet full of depth & savory richness. Because bad decaf should only exist in scary campfire tales. (Formerly known as Decaf Spicewood 71.)
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    • Hints of Citrus, Brown Sugar and Savoriness
    About the Roaster
    Austin, TX
    Fun Fact
    This ahead-of-the-curve roaster cans hemp oil cold brew!
    Jackalope Decaf
    • Process
    • Sub Region
    • Varietal
      Caturra, Colombia
    • Elevation
    Roaster’s Notes
    A thing of myth, the Jackalope is a legendary creature in the South described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns. Similar to this animal hybrid, our decaf also brings together 2 unexpected characteristics, the great taste of coffee with no caffeine. Using a natural decaf process, we are able to preserve the wonderful flavors of the coffee while allowing you to get a little more sleep tonight. So long as this mysterious beast doesn't haunt your dreams.