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Kanzu, Rwanda

George Howell

Boston, MA

Kanzu, Rwanda

|12 oz.
Slow and steady goes the harvesting and drying process that yields this coffee and keeps its promise in the way it sips: deliberate, full-bodied and sweet.
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    About the Roaster
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    Boston, MA
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    Fun Fact
    George Howell invented the Frappuccino – not those other guys!
    Kanzu, Rwanda
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    • Nyamasheke, Western Province icon
      Sub Region
      Nyamasheke, Western Province
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      July 2017 2017
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      6,200 feet - 7,200 feet
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      French Mission Bourbon
    Roaster’s Notes
    Kanzu is a private wet mill buying coffee cherry from approximately 60 farms on the surrounding slopes. Kanzu is meticulous in the care it takes to remove all the fruit and evenly dry the beans – and it shows year after year in consistent quality. This is the fifth year we have purchased from Kanzu. Kanzu is meticulous in the care it takes to remove all the fruit and then evenly dry the beans – and it shows up in a resulting full-bodied, sweet and elegant cup. The washing station is located in a lush mountainous area of Rwanda near Lake Kivu. Small farmers – many have less than 200 trees – bring their carefully picked cherries to the Kanzu washing station where great care is taken to wash, soak and dry the beans. During the first hours of drying they are kept in the shade and then brought down the rest of the way in sun on raised racks.

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