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Kateshi-Isanya Estates

Stay Golden

Nashville, TN

Kateshi-Isanya Estates

|325 g.
This honey processed coffee from Zambia starts off with a pleasant cranberry-lime acidity that's balanced by a lusciously smooth body and hints of nutty sweetness.
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    Nashville, TN
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    Fun Fact
    Stay Golden likes to name its production equipment, since they're a part of the team! One faithful weigh and fill machine is named Twyla — it just felt right.
    Kateshi-Isanya Estates
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      Pulped Natural/Honey
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      Northern Province
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      1,300 - 1,650
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      Catimor 129, Castillo, Java
    Roaster’s Notes
    Kateshi-Isanya Estates cover 2400 hectares of rich, volcanic soil. 1160 hectares are protected conservation areas and buffer zones, to help heal the erosion in the area. We choose to support the estates because of how they empower women. Kateshi is the first and only estate in the region to hire women for traditional male roles, like driving tractors. This coffee was grown between 1300-1650 MASL, utilizing shade nets to protect the plants.

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