Kavisa Station

Good Citizen

Nashville, TN

Kavisa Station

Sweet & Tart

This Congolese coffee features a bright lime acidity and elegant tea-like body that's balanced by a lingering brown sugar and fresh berry sweetness.
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    • Citrus, Brown Sugar, Berry Fruit
    About the Roaster
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    Nashville, TN
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    Fun Fact
    Good Citizen likes to name its production equipment, since they're a part of the team! One faithful weigh and fill machine is named Twyla — it just felt right.
    Kavisa Station
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    Roaster’s Notes
    Kavisa Station comes to us from Virunga Coffee Company, an operation run by Olam Coffee that operates washing stations in the Democratic Republic of Congo on the outskirts of Virunga National Park. This coffee was grown organically and is made up of grade 3 lots from regional smallholder farmers. Kivu has high rainfall and volcanic soil which lend itself to the health and flavor of this cup. Kavisa Station is a washed bourbon.

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