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Kenya Gikirima


Santa Barbara, CA

Kenya Gikirima

|12 oz.
Two seasons of rain showers in this region bring flowers—or, even better, this luscious, sweet coffee that’s so worth the cloudy days. Rain on.
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    Santa Barbara, CA
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    Fun Fact
    This roaster is named after the book Dune, because the greatest Science Fiction novel of all time deserved its own coffee company.
    Kenya Gikirima
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    Roaster’s Notes
    The Gikirima Factory is located on the slopes of Mount Kenya, an area that experiences two seasons of rainfall, resulting in two seasons of harvest. The main crop makes up 80% of all coffee picked, and is harvested October through December. The remaining 20% of coffee is picked during the fly crop which is harvested April through June. Smallholder farmers in the surrounding areas pick only ripe cherries and deliver them to Gikirima where they undergo a traditional washed process. Cherries are depulped, and fermented in a soaking tank overnight where the sugars are naturally broken down. The coffee is then washed and placed on raised drying beds where it remains for an average period of 7–15 days. Frequent turning and sorting of the coffee occurs while it is drying. Gikirima has a long-term goal of increasing coffee production and establishing transparent, trust-based relationships with smallholder farmers through farmer training, agricultural practice seminars, and providing the most current printed references on sustainable farming. At Dune Coffee Roasters, we believe specialty coffee is for everyone, and we roast coffee to be accessible approachable and fun. Sourcing and roasting delicious coffee is our privilege and we are grateful to share them with you.

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