Kenya - Nyeri Hill Estate AB


Greenville, SC

Kenya - Nyeri Hill Estate AB

Sweet & Tart

Some Kenyan coffees punch you in the face with acidity, but this one takes a softer approach. Honey and sweet key lime flavors meld beautifully for a tasty, tea-like cup.
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    • Sweet Vanilla, Citrus, Spice
    About the Roaster
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    Greenville, SC
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    Fun Fact
    Methodical’s bags were designed by a local artist, with the intention to bring its café experience into your home.
    Kenya - Nyeri Hill Estate AB
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      Sub Region
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      1,500 - 1,500
    • SL28, SL34, Riuru 11 icon
      SL28, SL34, Riuru 11
    Roaster’s Notes
    This single farm offering is from one of Kenya's first coffee farms, Nyeri Hill. This truly special place produces some of Kenya's finest beans. This coffee is a blend of 3 coffee plant varietals: SL28, SL34, and Riuru 11. Each selected for their vigor, drought resistance, and potential for producing an excellent cup. The flavor of this coffee reminds us of stone fruits and bergamot tea.

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