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King Tide


Santa Barbara, CA

King Tide

|12 oz.
We crown this one a king of rich, roasty, espresso blends. Blended with in milk, it sweetens and deepens. Brewed as coffee, it’s balanced and ready for royalty.
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    About the Roaster
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    Santa Barbara, CA
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    Fun Fact
    This roaster is named after the book Dune, because the greatest Science Fiction novel of all time deserved its own coffee company.
    King Tide
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    Roaster’s Notes
    King Tide is a syrupy and rich espresso blend, with nice chocolate sweetness. Roasted darker than our flagship Zip Zinger, this espresso blend is for you if you are looking for rich and chocolate, coming through as caramel when added to milk. When it’s brewed as coffee, the slightly darker roast produces a nice balanced cup. At Dune Coffee Roasters, we believe specialty coffee is for everyone, and we roast coffee to be accessible approachable and fun. Sourcing and roasting delicious coffee is our privilege and we are grateful to share them with you.

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