La Laguna

Bird Rock

San Diego, CA

La Laguna

Sweet & Tart

Channel your inner writer, poet, health nut. Whatever. Here’s a coffee that you can drink black. It’s not too acidic and is just the right amount of sweet.
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    • Tropical Fruit, Sweet Vanilla, Ripe Fruit
    About the Roaster
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    San Diego, CA
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    Fun Fact
    Bird Rock is named for its original La Jolla neighborhood where it roasted out of the local VFW Post.
    La Laguna
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      Sub Region
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      Angelmire Llanten
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      1650 - 1650
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      Caturra, Colombia, Castille
    Roaster’s Notes
    In an effort to take coffee sourcing to a new level, the three companies created a new sourcing model that would help motivate farmers to produce great coffee, pay them transparently, and help us to find terrific lots of coffee. Roasters United is a collaborative sourcing project we founded w/ our friends at Portola and Klatch Coffee. The goal of the project is find great coffee in Colombia while also paying those farmers who contributed coffee transparently and paying them far more than they would receive via other coffee transactions. The top three coffees we source become our micro-lots for the project, and each micro-lot-producing farm gets a 1.8 million peso farm-grant in addition to top-dollar for their coffee. Through this project, we have also funded a water conservation project w/ participating farms in Cauca.

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