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La Palma El Tucan Lactic

Bird Rock

San Diego, CA

La Palma El Tucan Lactic

|12 oz.
A single origin, processed with pride by a single woman. You can almost taste the joy in each cup. Its bold flavors are a testament to its Colombian soil.
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    About the Roaster
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    San Diego, CA
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    Fun Fact
    Bird Rock is named for its original La Jolla neighborhood where it roasted out of the local VFW Post.
    La Palma El Tucan Lactic
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      Carmen Poveda
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    Roaster’s Notes
    Carmen is 62 years old and has been working with coffee her entire life. Raised by traditional coffee farmers, Carmen has always found joy working in the countryside. She tells us her reason for growing coffee is to continue a tradition that has been passed on for over 100 years. The farm, Las Palmas, is located in the department of Zipacon, Cundinamarca at 1550 meters above sea level. On the 0.5 hectare farm lives Carmen with three other family relatives. Dona Carmen tends to the majority of her crops maintenance and upkeep, but when needed she hires an extra set of hands. To this day you can find Carmen picking and pruning away at her Castillo coffee trees. Since joining the Neighbors & Crops program we have been able to assist Finca Las Palma with trained specialty coffee pickers, transportation, wet milling, and dry milling. Before working with us Carmen was finding it difficult to fulfill all of these tasks alone, especially considering her age. At LA PALMA & EL TUCAN we hope to assist our neighboring farmers the best way we can, by easing their production process physically and strategically. Our goal is to assist the older generations in order to inspire the younger generations to continue the tradition in an environmentally sustainable manner! We thank you for your help as well! About the Lactic Process: Lactic fermentation is a controlled fermentation process with the goal to create an environment which will naturally allow the growth of Lactic acid Bacteria. The process is done under anaerobic conditions and a constant measurement of the levels of oxygen, sugar content and PH. This bacteria feeds from from the sugar present on the mucilage/pulp generating high concentrations of Lactic acid that then impacts the flavor profile after the desired PH leaves are archived. The coffee is then soaked in clean water to stop the growth of the bacteria. Finally the coffee is washed, removing the remaining fermented mucilage and dried.

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