Miguel Ortiz


Grand Rapids, MI

Miguel Ortiz

Sweet & Tart

Tart lime acidity and an abundance of fresh fruit up front are met by a lingering toasted walnut sweetness.
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    • Citrus, Ripe Fruit, Nut
    About the Roaster
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    Grand Rapids, MI
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    Fun Fact
    Instead of one individual, Madcap uses a team approach to source their green coffee, meaning the entire brand is invested from roasters to baristas.
    Miguel Ortiz
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      Miguel Ortiz
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    Roaster’s Notes
    Miguel Ortiz is the first coffee producer we began partnering with in Santa Barbara. A native of Santa Barbara and a lifetime coffee farmer who runs a true family business in partnership with his wife and children, who all play a role in producing coffee on the farm. Miguel’s farm, La Guinellera, is located on his property next to his home in Las Flores. The climate is cool and the harvest is one of the later ones we find in all of Central America.

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