Organic Decaf Peru


Viroqua, WI

Organic Decaf Peru

Balanced & Fruity

You can have it all. Starting with a decaf coffee that actually has complex flavors. Not to mention is in-season, organic and carefully sourced.
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    • Sweet Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Milk Chocolate
    About the Roaster
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    Viroqua, WI
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    Fun Fact
    Wonderstate works exclusively with growers who practice organic and sustainable production methods.
    Organic Decaf Peru
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    • Cajamarca icon
      Sub Region
    • Norandino Cooperative icon
      Norandino Cooperative
    • June - July 2017 2017 icon
      Harvest Time
      June - July 2017 2017
    • 1300 - 1800 icon
      1300 - 1800
    • Catuai, Caturra & Catimor icon
      Catuai, Caturra & Catimor
    Roaster’s Notes
    Too often, in specialty coffee, decaf customers are left out of the conversation. But for true coffee lovers, sacrificing caffeine does not mean that you have to give up the exciting character and complexity of flavor you have come to expect. That is why we always offer a single-origin, in-season, organic decaf coffee that is as scrupulously grown, meticulously sourced, and precisely roasted as any other coffee on our menu. Beyond sourcing coffee that is ethically produced and tastes incredible, we also limit our selection to coffees decaffeinated through the clever use of water and filtration instead of the harsh chemical and enzyme baths favored by the majority of the industry. This coffee was decaffeinated using the celebrated Mountain Water Process (MWP), which removes 99.9% of the caffeine while leaving the character of the original coffee beans intact. MWP gently removes caffeine in a pure water solution that floats coffee oils to the surface (caffeine included), filters out the caffeine, and reintroduces the original oils to the green coffee. The result is simply great coffee, no qualifiers. One thing we never get tired of hearing is "your decaf actually tastes good!" Shouldn't it? Chocolatey and smooth, and it won't keep you up at night.

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