Peru Alto Inambari


Canton, GA

Peru Alto Inambari

Sweet & Tart

A dense and nutty sweetness gives way to grapefruit acidity and notes of fresh apple as the cup cools.
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    • Citrus, Nut, Ripe Fruit
    About the Roaster
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    Canton, GA
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    Fun Fact
    Directly from its family coffee farms in Honduras, this roaster pours the entirety of its heart and soul (or Alma in Spanish) into your cup of coffee.
    Peru Alto Inambari
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      Small Holders in Alto Inambari District
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      1,700 - 2,100
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      caturra, bourbon, typica
    Roaster’s Notes
    Our first release from Peru, we love this coffee for its unique complexity that is extremely approachable. With notes of gooseberry, melon, roasted plum, and macadamia, we enjoy this coffee no matter what time of the day it is. Although this coffee is wet washed, it goes through a 14 to 20 hour fermentation process and then is dried on raised air beds under a parabolic dryer

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