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Presidio Decaf


Presidio Decaf

|12 oz.
Caffeine-free, flavor-full. Sums up this easy to love decaf made with a chemical-free process that preserves what’s essential.
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    • Hints of Ripe Fruit, Sweet Vanilla and Brown Sugar
    About the Roaster
    Santa Barbara, CA
    Fun Fact
    Dune’s Kay Cheon brought milk from California to Seattle’s United States Barista Championship – must have been worth it, because he came in third.
    Presidio Decaf
    • Process
    • Varietal
    Roaster’s Notes
    We love this decaf: all the flavor with none of the late nights. This Colombian blend is full of chocolate and brown sugar sweetness with a hint of citrus acidity. The caffeine is removed by EA Sugarcane processing which is 100% chemical free and leaves the flavors of the coffee intact. At Dune Coffee Roasters, we believe specialty coffee is for everyone, and we roast coffee to be accessible approachable and fun. Sourcing and roasting delicious coffee is our privilege and we are grateful to share them with you.