Drink Coffee Do Stuff

Hell Yeah! Snapchill™ Cans

Sweet & Smooth


Is what you’ll say when you taste this awesome coffee from Lake Tahoe's Drink Coffee Do Stuff. It’s a complex blend with notes of cherry and chocolate and even a little floral aroma. Available in packs of 6 and 12 (12 fl oz) cans.

This coffee has been brewed hot and cooled in seconds using Snapchill™️ technology to amplify flavor, vibrancy and aroma.

Flavor Profile

Tasting Notes

Milk Chocolate



Country Of Origin

Honduras, Guatemala


About the Roaster

DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF is not just a roaster, it’s a state of mind. Fueled by co-founder Nick Visconti’s pro snowboarding career when he became obsessed with Alpine coffee culture, DCDS merges the outdoor active lifestyle and specialty coffee experience. Roasting at high altitudes at 6000 feet in the Sierra Nevada, Lake Tahoe, California’s DCDS is driven by the impact of climate change both locally and globally, with a focus on sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint in everything it does.


Lake Tahoe, CA

Fun Fact

This roaster’s Truckee coffee shop houses a hall of fame wall of local Olympians and pro athletes of all sports that DRINK COFFEE DO STUFF every morning!

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