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Queen City

Caffe Vita

Queen City

|12 oz.
Take a sip and declare this one queen of your cup. Light and dark come together for balance and richness—dare we say, it’s regal.
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    • Nostalgic with hints of Milk Chocolate and Roastiness
    About the Roaster
    Seattle, WA
    Fun Fact
    This philanthropic roaster gives back to its community by supporting programs for Seattle's homeless youth and the local arts.
    Queen City
    • Process
      Washed, Natural/Dry Processed
    • Varietal
      Bourbon and Typica
    • Elevation
    Roaster’s Notes
    A blend of coffees from South America, Indonesia and Africa combined in a post roast blend of light and dark roasted coffees to create a rich, complex and unique flavor profile.