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Act for All Coffee: Organic Resilience Blend


Viroqua, WI

Act for All Coffee: Organic Resilience Blend

|12 oz.
A blend of two high-elevation single origins from South America, this blend features notes of plum, maple candy, and fudge.

We launched Act for All Coffee to make a meaningful impact on communities and advocate for equal rights and equitable opportunities for all. For every Act for All Coffee, we’ll donate $2 to a social justice cause of the roaster’s choosing. Wonderstate Coffee’s Organic Resilience Blend will benefit Grow Ahead.

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    About the Roaster
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    Viroqua, WI
    When Wonderstate Coffee says it’s farmer focused, it means it. Caleb Nicholes and TJ Semanchin's solar-powered roastery, the nation’s first, is truly centered on growers and its relationship to them. Through quality time at the source of its coffee, this Viroqua-based roaster develops meaningful connections that you can taste.
    Act for All Coffee: Organic Resilience Blend
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    Roaster’s Notes
    High toned fruit tones of plum and citrus are balanced by a brownie like sweetness and a kiss of maple candy on the finish.

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    A Note from Our Roaster

    "Our roastery is tucked amidst the rolling hills and valleys of the Driftless Region, a rare topographic wonder in the Midwest. Life is a little bit slower here, giving us the opportunity to hike the forests, bike the winding roads, and focus on roasting spectacular coffees. Honoring a connection to place and to the people that define it is at the heart of what we do."

    This Coffee’s Cause

    Grow Ahead
    Portland, OR
    “In 2013, Grow Ahead was launched as a cross-cultural initiative of Progreso and Cooperative Coffees geared towards pre-financing Fair Trade coffee harvests. As a member of Cooperative Coffees, we’ve been involved with Grow Ahead since its inception. Grow Ahead’s mission is to support a climate-resilient future by teaming up with community organizations around the world to improve the environment and community livelihoods. As one of the world’s first solar-powered roasteries we take that mission seriously in all aspects of the supply chain. In the developing world, small farmer organizations have been historically under-resourced. With limited access to the capital needed to invest in climate solutions, this is not only an environmental issue it is also an economic justice issue. By raising funds for farmer-led agroforestry projects, Grow Ahead endeavors to invest in climate solutions in a way that is accountable to frontline communities.”

    More About This Coffee

    “Both of the coffees in this blend come from cooperative producers. When producers organize in cooperatives, they pool resources and achieve more together. This transcends growing and harvesting coffee. Together, they gain representation on governance boards and can work towards higher profits. At Wonderstate we believe farmers should have a voice beyond production.

    Both the Fondo Paez Cooperative from Colombia and the San Fernando Cooperative from Peru use sustainable farming practices to preserve their heirloom varietals of coffee. The resilience of these coffee producers gives us the chance to try the unique flavors of these coffees that otherwise would be lost due to climate change.”

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