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Austin, TX

Cuvée Coffee

Cuvée brings big Lone Star flavor to its coffee while embracing the simplicity of its Texas landscape. Founded in 1998, US Navy Veteran Mike McKim’s roastery is one of the oldest in the state, but it stands ahead of the pack with a drive and spirit for experimentation that comes through in its innovative nitro cold brew canning facility.

Coffee Talk
From Cuvée

How has Spicewood affected Cuvée Coffee?

Building our roasting and cold brew facilities in Spicewood was an amazing decision. We're super-close to downtown Austin, where a lot of our customers and team members live, but far enough outside the city to have a coffee ranch with room to build a bonfire, BBQ some brisket, or drink beers surrounded by the rolling hills.

Why is specialty coffee important to you?

Back in 1998, when Carl Staub introduced me to roasting, his advice was to pay more money for specialty green coffee, so I did, too. That was my intro to the product. Soon after, the term grew into a community of people passionate about changing the perception of coffee. So specialty coffee, the product and industry, were instrumental in shaping Cuvee into the high-quality, consumer-friendly company we are today.

What advice would you give young roasters?

Don't seek the approval of your peers. For some reason, young coffee roasters (and I was one) tend to worry about what other roasters might think. Don't market to or make decisions based on what other roasters might think because they’re not the ones buying your coffee!