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New York, NY


Founded in New York’s West Village, Joe entered the roasting game with a move to Red Hook’s Pulley Collective in 2013. In that workshop space, Jonathan Rubinstein’s brainchild adheres to its four-part philosophy: fairness and traceability, quality, flexibility in purchasing, and mutually sustainable relationships.

Coffee Talk
About Joe

What makes New York a great coffee city?

In the city that never sleeps, coffee matters! New York’s taxi drivers, doctors and nurses, students, and chefs literally run on it. And with a thriving international community and culinary scene, many of those all-nighters are fueled by something more specialty than what’s at the corner bodega (though there’s plenty of that too!).

How did Joe get started?

After a few years of serving other brands’ coffee, the founders of Joe decided to try their hands at roasting in 2013. Since then, they have expanded to 19 cafes in New York and Pennsylvania, while roasting their coffee at Red Hook, Brooklyn’s Pulley Collective.

What is Joe’s signature roast style?

Joe tends to roast on the lighter side, seeking “to highlight the unique flavor profiles inherent in the coffees.” However, they also offer darker roasts for those who swig that way.