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Miami, FL


Miami has as much to do with Panther’s success as the coffee it brews. Founded by Joel and Leticia Pollock in 2010, the roaster made its home in the city’s Wynwood neighborhood where it became a gathering spot for the local artists and embraced Southern Florida’s global tastes.

Coffee Talk
Panther Says

Is there an advantage to small-batch roasting?

For us small-batch roasting is not only better for the freshness of the coffee, it gives our roast team much greater control over roasting. Smaller roasting machines (depending on the machine, and the era) are much easier to quickly manipulate to achieve the desired results in the cup. We enhance the development of some coffees at a certain period of the roast cycle to intensify sweetness, and in others we pull back to maximize fresh fruit flavor and floral nuance.

Why is Miami a great coffee city?

Miami is a wonderful coffee city for several reasons: It has a great international mix of cultures from all over the world. Within this mix, a great proportion of folks are from coffee-producing nations. These are people who've grown up around coffee farms, coffee and coffee producers, which definitely makes the conversation very interesting. The awareness is diverse and acute.

Is coffee roasting more of an art or science?

We believe that coffee roasting is a craft. As a blend of art and science, employing the senses while using measurement tools, we approach the craft of roasting much in the same way our favorite kitchens approach food. Using great ingredients, we let the coffee speak for itself and stay out of the way!