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San Francisco, CA


Standing out from behind a warehouse garage door is no easy task, but brothers and co-founders Jerad and Justin Morrison knew what’s on the inside counts. Since 2009, Sightglass roasts in that same San Francisco space with a no-frills attitude that comes through in sustainable packaging designed to let the coffee speak for itself.

Coffee Talk
About Sightglass

What makes San Francisco a great coffee city?

The hills are alive with the smell of coffee. With a history of the rebellious spirit and transpacific influences, San Francisco is the perfect place to set up shop and make waves.

How did Sightglass get started?

Two brothers followed similar paths to coffee obsession, so they teamed up to perfect the drink they loved so much. In 2009, Jerad and Justin Morrison launched Sightglass from a small service-cart in San Francisco’s SoMa district. Within two years, they’d moved their operation to a 1914 warehouse where they have worked the coffee bar nearly every Saturday since.

What is Sightglass’s signature roast style?

Calling themselves “coffee toasters,” the Sightglass team loves to go as light as they can, seeking to enhance each batch’s natural flavors.