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Portland, OR


This titan roaster had its modest beginnings in a closed-down Portland beauty salon named Hair Bender (hence Stumptown’s popular blend). Duane Sorenson’s brand has come a long way since then, setting the standard for sourcing, roasting, and (of course) cold brew with skill and a little luck from its talisman horseshoe.

Coffee Talk
About Stumptown

What makes Portland a great coffee city?

Portland and coffee go together like Louisville and bourbon. Maybe it’s the cold, damp weather or the can-do Oregon spirit, but this Northwest coffee town is home to over 25 independent roasters – including the powerhouse Stumptown – and tied for first in the nation for most coffee houses as well as most coffee and tea manufacturers per capita.

How did Stumptown get started?

When Duane Sorenson quit his roasting job and emptied out his savings in 1999 to open his first shop in an abandoned Portland beauty parlor it was the beginning of an era. The then obscure Southeast Division Street was the first home to the roaster that began with just a vintage Probat and a Ford Pinto.

What is Stumptown’s signature roast style?

Coffee is always the star at Stumptown. Driven with the mission to introduce the world to great coffee and where it comes from, this roaster’s policy is: “It should be roasted just enough to express its innate flavor, and not burnt to a crisp.”