Rwanda Rutsiro Mushonyi


Portland, OR

Rwanda Rutsiro Mushonyi

Sweet & Tart

Soft pear and brown sugar sweetness brings all the pie vibes to this cup, with a chocolaty note carrying through to a delightfully gentle finish.
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    • Ripe Fruit, Brown Sugar, Citrus
    About the Roaster
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    Portland, OR
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    Fun Fact
    Sterling’s dapper cafe staff wears formal attire to convey the brand’s superior customer service and attention to detail.
    Rwanda Rutsiro Mushonyi
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      Fall 2020
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      1,800 - 2,000
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    Roaster’s Notes
    We love Rwanda coffee for its incredible concentrated sweetness and dried fruit flavors. The Rutsiro basically tastes like apple pie; mellow fruit sweetness up front, baking spice aromatics, and a faint earl grey tea flavor as it cools. Fun fact: this Rwanda is grown directly across Lake Kivu from our new Congo coffee. It's fun to compare them. Although this Rwanda shines when enjoyed black, a splash of cream gives it a "pie a la mode" vibe. Super good.

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