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Greater Goods

Austin, TX

Greater Goods' Taste of the World

Like giving someone a ticket to explore the world of coffee from home. Coffee develops flavors that reflect the environment in which it’s grown, so drinking a single origin is the most direct way to connect someone to the coffee farms in Africa, South America, and beyond.

This gift includes:

  • 1 full-sized bag of Good Vibes (Brazil) - Medium Roast

  • 1 full-sized bag of Spark (Mexico) - Light-Medium Roast

  • 1 full-sized bag of Fresh Perspective (Ethiopia) - Light-Medium Roast

  • A custom gift message

  • Free shipping

A world tour of coffee flavor.

Whether you’re a long time craft drinker or just diving in, you may notice the words “single origin” pop up pretty often, especially around Trade.

At it’s most basic, single origins are coffees that come from one place (whereas blends come from multiple). While one is not better than the other, single origins connect you directly to a specific region so you can better understand what makes each special.

This set from Greater Goods represents three giants: coffee’s birthplace in Ethiopia, it’s largest exporter in Brazil, and a locale close to home in Mexico. As you travel through each country, take note of what’s similar or different—you won’t be quizzed, but we do hope you’ll get a taste for all the nuance and excitement the world of craft coffee still has waiting for you to discover.

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