Act for All Coffee: TransFARMation Blend


Grand Rapids, MI

Act for All Coffee: TransFARMation Blend

|12 oz.
Like many coffees from this region, it’s incredibly balanced, sweet, and crisp. It has lush brown sugar sweetness, with more lively notes of tangerine, black cherry, and green apple.

We launched Act for All Coffee to make a meaningful impact on communities and advocate for equal rights and equitable opportunities for all. For every Act for All Coffee, we’ll donate $2 to a social justice cause of the roaster’s choosing. Sparrows Coffee’s TransFARMation Blend will benefit Food 4 Farmers.

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    About the Roaster
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    Grand Rapids, MI
    Envisioned as a place for local creatives to meet and collaborate, Sparrows has always put people first. Roasting came next, when in 2016 Sparrows Coffee introduced its very own specialty line to its welcoming café, which features curated work from community artists.
    Act for All Coffee: TransFARMation Blend
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    Roaster’s Notes
    TransFARMation blend is a nod to our organizational partner for the Act For All project, Food 4 Farmers, both in its name and the origins that comprise it. F4F cultivates food security for coffee farming families in Latin America, with projects based in Guatemala’s Huehuetenango region and Colombia’s Cauca region, both of which lend the components of this blend. The resulting blend is sweet, creamy, and lush.

    A Note from Our Roaster

    “We chose this coffee for this project because its very production and trade is representative of enhanced social justice in the coffee industry. In addition to supporting our selected organizational partner, its sales contribute to technical assistance for coffee growers that empowers them through economic advancement. Coffee for Peace also targets long-marginalized indigenous communities of Cauca, whose land has been stolen by government and rebel groups. CENCOIC, the cooperative which produces this blend of coffee lots, directs their work towards leading economic policy in indigenous communities, as well as strengthening coffee production and commercialization, all in harmony with their land and culture.”

    This Coffee’s Cause

    Food 4 Farmers
    Hinesburg, VT
    “We chose Food 4 Farmers because it supports the communities we most directly benefit from as roasters: the coffee growers themselves. As a part of a global supply chain, we work so greatly outside of our own geographical community. It feels crucial for us to offer as much support to the international communities we most directly benefit from, particularly with the economic disparities that exist between us and them. Food 4 Farmers provides direct support that we would not be able to provide as a business. With extensive networks of on-the-ground support at origin and deep knowledge of the needs of those they serve, they’re able to directly eliminate root causes of their food insecurity, and empower them to be more resilient communities.”

    More About This Coffee

    “Sparrows was connected to this coffee through our relationship with Coffee for Peace. Coffee for Peace is an alliance of coffee farmers and market allies created to develop, facilitate, and promote the trade of traceable coffees from historically violent zones in Colombia. We purchased these lots of coffee through an innovative virtual coffee auction, which took the place of a traditional coffee auction at origin (due to COVID 19 travel restrictions).”

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