Trending Now: Tastes Like Chocolate

Trending Now: Tastes Like Chocolate

These coffees give us the warm and fuzzies.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | September 15, 2020

With the changing seasons, often comes changing tastes. That’s why comforting, chocolaty coffees (think: great for French press) are having a moment right now.

Your Best Brew Awaits

Chocolate and coffee aren’t very closely related, but as two seeds that have to be roasted in order to become the treats we all know and love, it’s no wonder they share some flavors. These coffees highlight the flavor of chocolate in several different, but equally delicious ways.

huck don zabala

Tastes like: chocolate-covered oranges

Huckleberry Guatemala Don Zabala ($20.50)

Greater Goods Stimulate

Tastes like: chocolaty and roasty

Greater Goods Stimulate ($16)

Novo - new

Tastes like: hazelnut brownies

Novo Ojo De Agua ($17.50)

equator El Salvador Buenos Aires Natural

Tastes like: hot cocoa

Equator El Salvador Buenos Aires Natural ($18)

temple Guatemala Buena Vista- Single Origin Espresso

Tastes like: a dark chocolate bar

Temple Buena Vista Single Origin Espresso ($22)

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