4 Coffees That Transition Perfectly from Summer to Fall

4 Coffees That Transition Perfectly from Summer to Fall

These coffees are here to stay!
by Team Trade | August 21, 2019

Summer won't last forever, but these coffees are here to stay!

When we talk about seasonality with coffee, generally it's in reference to the best time of year to purchase coffees from a certain origin. But the season you're enjoying it in can have just as much bearing!

Just as a refreshing glass of cold brew coffee can be a perfect summer treat, you may want to curl up with something a little more robust and comforting come fall. That adjustment can be a simple one that doesn't even require buying a new bag of coffee in some cases.

However you make them, these transitional coffees are equally flavorful brewed cold for summer or hot when the weather turns! 

Atomic Cold Brew

Atomic Coffee Roasters cold brew coffee bag

Leaning a little more on gentle fruit flavors than most cold brews, this blend has a really fun juiciness when prepared hot.

Atomic Cold Brew ($15)

Gimme! Stargazer

Gimme! Coffee Stargazer coffee bag

Gimme! does a great job of bringing jammy fruit notes to a cold brew blend — made with hot water, it's even more complex and aromatic.

Gimme! Stargazer ($17.65)

Joe Benchmark

Joe Coffee Company Benchmark coffee bag

A true all-purpose coffee, this medium roast has flavors that come through nicely whether they're brewed cold or hot.

Joe Benchmark ($18.85)

Revelator 9 to 5

Revelator Coffee Company 9 to 5 House Blend coffee bag

A great example of a real dark roast (while still letting a little fruit flavor shine), this coffee's berry notes come through even more when brewed hot.

Revelator 9 to 5 ($15.30)

There's more great seasonal coffee where that came from!

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