How To Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker

How To Make Coffee in a Coffee Maker

Make the perfect coffee at home every time.
by Lauren Chamberlain | September 28, 2023

You have to start somewhere and the classic automatic drip coffee maker is a great place for beginners (or coffee drinkers of any skill level). A go-to for good reason, drip machine brewing is consistent, easy, and versatile enough to work with any coffee you like. But don’t confuse simple for basic — you can expect really good coffee, easily on par with most manual methods. The secret’s in the right grind, proper cleaning, and filtered water. And while this coffee recipe is specifically for a 10-cup coffee maker, you can easily adjust it for different amounts of coffee. Simply divide the water volume and coffee weight by the same number (E.g. 625 milliliters of water to 40 grams of coffee). Read on and learn how to use a coffee maker to its fullest potential.

What You Need

  • Coffee Maker (we're using a 10-Cup)
  • Paper Filter (cone or wavy basket)
  • 45 oz / 1250 ml filtered water
  • 2.75 oz / 65 g of medium ground coffee.  Don't have a grinder? We can grind it for you!

Getting Started

1. Add Water

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