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Cold Brew

Great For

  • Arrow Right Make Ahead Convenience
  • Arrow Right Enjoying on Hot Summer Days
  • Arrow Right A Sweet, Mild, Low Acidity Brew


Makes 3-4 Servings, 10 Minutes Prep + 12-18 Hours Brew Time

  • Cold Brew Pot
    Cold Brew Pot
  • Cold Filtered Water
    Cold Filtered Water
    28 oz / 815 ml
  • Coarse Ground Coffee
    Coarse Ground Coffee
    3.5 oz / 100 g
Step 1
Prepare your Coffee
Disassemble your Cold Brew brewer. Measure out 3.5 oz (100 g) of coarsely ground coffee and put it in the pitcher’s mesh filter.
Step 2
Assemble your Brewer
Place the filled basket back in the carafe, but leave the lid off. How else will you fill it?
Step 3
Add Water
Pour the water a little at a time through the filter so the grounds become evenly saturated as the pitcher fills. It should take a few minutes–about 3 to 4 pours–to use all the water. The water level should be at the top of the mesh basket when you’re all done. Note: don’t use hot water, this is COLD brew after all.
Step 4
Put the lid on the brewer, give it a little shake, then place it in your fridge. Wait at least 12 or up to 18 hours (overnight works great).
Step 5
Remove Filter
Your patience has paid off! Take your brewer out of the fridge, remove the lid and filter basket and discard or compost the grinds. Wash the filter thoroughly by hand and set aside to dry.
Step 6
Enjoy or Enjoy Later
Put that lid back on–no spilling in your kitchen–and serve the coffee over ice, with milk, or return to the refrigerator to enjoy later. Your cold brew will stay fresh for up to 5 days after brewing.
Coffee Talk
From Our Coffee Expert
How do I pick my cold brew coffee roast?
The lighter the coffee is roasted, the more pronounced the acidity in the coffee, so if you like your cold brew very mellow, go for a darker roasted coffee.
Can cold brew be heated?
Yes! Because cold brew is a brewing method, you can make it as a concentrate and heat it up. Some people tend to think the mellow acidity and thick body tastes better cold, but some people really love how thick the coffee stays after heating it up. It’s reminiscent of cowboy coffee, sure to bring back nostalgic memories from around a campfire.
Can you make cold brew in a French press?
Yup! You can make your cold brew recipe in a French press with relatively easy cleanup. Put your ground coffee and water in the French press and leave in your refrigerator overnight. You don’t need to put the top on, or plunge, because you want the coffee to keep extracting and stay in contact with the water during the entire brewing process. When you’re ready to drink, put the top on and plunge the grounds all the way to the bottom.