Wear Your Support for Black-Owned Coffee Brands

Wear Your Support for Black-Owned Coffee Brands

Send a message for the world to see.
by Team Trade | June 12, 2020

Today, there are many worthy ways to lend your voice to the cause of ending racial injustice — from larger statements of actions and words, like donating, protesting, or writing local officials, to educating oneself and engaging in important conversations. One immediate way you can show your support right now is by purchasing directly from Black-owned coffee businesses.

Whether you want to help raise awareness for a local shop in your area, make a donation with your purchase, or provide much-needed capital to Black-owned coffee shops and roasters, let your garments send a message for the world to see.


Drawn into the world of third-wave coffee through visits to local Memphis shops in pursuit of indie art and DIY album covers, Maurice Henderson (known by his pen name, Bartholomew Jones) set out to bring more people of color into these spaces through education reform. Thus Cxffeeblack was born. As a graduate of Wheaton College, where he studied elementary education and sociology, Maurice mixes serious knowledge with his passion for all things art, music, and coffee.


Cxffeeblack Love Black T-Shirt ($20 - $30)

Portrait Coffee Roasters

For Portrait Coffee, Atlanta is more than just a location and Portrait is more than just a name. This roaster, which calls the historic West End home — both for its shop and employees — takes pride in its community. "Portrait Coffee’s goal is to empower and equip Atlanta natives and residents with genuine career and life opportunities in the world of coffee. Our name comes from a desire to change the picture that comes to mind when folks think of specialty coffee. Coffee, as a product, was first discovered by Africans."


Portrait Pouring a New Narrative Tote Bag ($20)

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Red Bay Coffee

Oakland's Red Bay Coffee has been bringing "Beautiful coffee to the people" since 2014. While community hubs inspire creativity and connection in California, you can access the conversation via its podcast series "Coffee Dojo," hosted by founder Keba Konte, or show your support with a virtual tip in the jar.


Red Bay Coffee Africa’s Gift T-Shirt ($22)

Black & White Coffee Roasters

Raleigh, North Carolina's Black & White believes "Coffee should be simple." Founded by 2016 and 2017 US Barista Champs Lem Butler and Kyle Ramage, this roaster is guided by a message of inclusivity — all are welcome, "Whether you like your coffee black, with sugar, or with cream."


Black & White Coffee Panda T-Shirt ($24)

Deadstock Coffee

Simply put, Deadstock believes "Coffee should be dope." That mantra rings true at one-time Nike footwear designer Ian Williams' "snob-free" Portland coffee shop. A hub for sneaker and coffee heads alike, stepping into Deadstock is entering a true community.


Deadstock Coffee Should Be Dope Hat ($30)

Bloom & Plume Coffee

Named one of Food & Wine's 2019 Best Coffee Shops in America, Bloom & Plume's adoration extends far beyond LA's Echo Park. Though they're pretty fond of it too! Floral sculptor and founder Maurice Harris (who owns a flower shop of the same name next door) offers a feast for the eyes and appetite while "… serving beauty that uplifts our people through aesthetics."


Bloom & Plume Coffee Serving Black Excellence T-Shirt ($40)

Three Keys Coffee

Tio and Kenzel Fallen's harmonious Houston-based roaster is "inspired by the valves of the trumpet, which has been the instrument of choice for some of the most influential jazz musicians and composers." A love of music runs deep at Three Keys, where rhythmic roasts carry names like "Smooth Horn Blues" and "Africano Fusion."


Three Keys Coffee Trumpet Logo T-Shirt, $15

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