Coffee Subscription Gift


Give the gift of better coffee at home. Our gift subscription is personalized to their tastes and how they brew at home. Each bag is roasted to order, and delivered when they want it. Trust us, they'll be thanking you for this gift way after the holidays end.

All gift subscriptions include:

  • ⬩ Personalization based on their unique tastes
  • ⬩ 450+ coffees to explore from 55+ roasters
  • ⬩ Coffee delivered fresh, on their schedule
  • ⬩ Free shipping

Why They’ll Love It

Perfect for coffee newcomers and enthusiasts alike, a Trade digital gift subscription is their key to the world of better coffee.

We bring together the most unique and talented roasters from around the US, taste and hand pick their best roasts, and curate a selection of coffees tailored to your giftee’s tastes. A digital gift subscription gives something fresh and exciting for many mornings to come.

A Homemade Gift, Made Easy

Curated by us and delivered straight to their door. Treat them to coffee they’ll love making at home every day.


Personalized for Everyone

From subscriptions to exclusive gift boxes, we curate the best of the best from around the US to ensure every coffee drinker gets the chance to enjoy their perfect cup at home.


Practical, But Fun

Most people you know drink coffee, meaning we’re a rare kind of gift they can actually enjoy every day! From your mother-in-law to your favorite coworker…if they drink it, they’ll love Trade.


Supports Small Businesses

Every coffee that goes through Trade is made possible by 55+ of the best coffee roasters in the US. When you gift Trade, you’re supporting them, too.

Treat them to the gift they’ll love to use over and over.

  • Discover a new coffee with every delivery
  • Personalized based on their unique tastes
  • 450+ coffees from over 55 roasters
  • Delivered fresh, on their schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You select: You select how many bags of coffee you want to send your recipient and if you want us to notify them of their gift via email (or if you’d rather print something to hand it to them directly).
  2. We notify: We’ll email them a redeemable gift code, if you chose that option vs. a physical print out.
  3. They redeem: Once the recipient receives the code, they can activate their subscription on our website. They’ll create an account and take our short coffee quiz to get started. You do not need to enter the gift recipient's shipping information when you purchase; they'll set up their shipping details when they redeem their gift.

Yes! When you purchase a Trade subscription, you’ll be able to choose if you want us to notify your gift recipient right away or if you want us to notify your recipient on a specific date.

When you’re making your purchase, simply select the option to email (versus print) your gift and click Change Date to make your selection.

Our coffees come from an exclusive group of coffee roasters around the country (and we’ve tried almost all of them!). We can do all the heavy lifting to find the best craft coffees and offer them through Trade.

When someone redeems a gift subscription, they take a quick quiz where they let us know what they like — from roast level to if they prefer their coffee arrives ground or whole bean. From there, we pair them with a variety of single-origin coffees, blends, decafs, organic coffee and more based on their preferences.. Each batch of coffee is carefully roasted-to-order by one of more than 55+ coffee roasters in the US.

Absolutely! You have this option to include a personalized message at check-out.

It happens! You or your gift recipient can contact a customer support agent at, give us a call, or send us a chat, and we'll locate it for you.