The Triple B Cocktail Really Earns its Name

The Triple B Cocktail Really Earns its Name

A colorful paper straw is not required, but it certainly doesn't hurt.
by Team Trade | June 14, 2019

A balanced bourbon, brandy, and (cold) brew cocktail.

Courtesy of NYC-based Cocktail Enthusiast and Amateur Home Bartender  Alex Miller, This week's bourbon and brandy-based recipe doesn't require a colorful paper straw to enjoy, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

A perfectly blended cold brew cocktail, this one is "not too boozy, nor too caffeine heavy, but balances coffee with the sweetness of Giffard and vanilla simple syrup," Alex says. "I accidentally combined mint with banana a while back and it was shockingly good, so ever since I've wanted to try it in a cocktail. Thankfully it did not disappoint."



  1. Fill your glass halfway with crushed ice
  2. In a separate glass or tin, gently muddle your mint and add remaining ingredients
  3. Pour your ingredients over the crushed ice
    And top with more crushed ice
  4. Garnish with fresh mint

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