Coffee for Dinner? These Rubs Make it Possible

Coffee for Dinner? These Rubs Make it Possible

As good to eat as they are to drink!
by Team Trade | December 17, 2019

We love drinking coffee (duh), but coffee is also vastly underrated as a cooking ingredient. so, we've partnered with our friends at ButcherBox to create the most incredibly rich, savory coffee rubs. We paired their cuts with coffees that will further enhance their flavors for a delicious dinner with a kick.

Pork Tenderloin

Pair with: Coffee that tastes like apples

Apple and brown sugar are flavors that go wonderfully with pork tenderloin, and happen to be found together in many coffees as well. One such coffee in Intelligentsia’s House Blend, a reliably tasty coffee that’ll go well with your tenderloin.

Coulotte Steak

Pair with: Kenyan coffee

Kenyan coffees often combine acidity and savory qualities much like Butcher Box's Smoky Chili-Rubbed Coulotte with Fancy Red Pepper Salsa recipe does. Atomic’s Kirinyag, for example, is really tart while also tasting a little like peak-season tomatoes.

NY Strip

Pair with: Coffee that tastes like baking spice

A coffee with notes of baking spice will meld beautifully with the spice blend in Easy Holiday NY Strip Roast. PT’s Southpaw blend accomplishes, while adding a complementary note of caramel.

Sirloin Tips

Pair with: Dark roast

You can’t have BBQ without smoke, and dark roast coffees have plenty of smokiness. Kickapoo’s Organic Supernova, which combines that dark flavor with plenty of sweetness, is smokin' with Butcher Box's recipe for Grilled Sirloin Tips With Coffee Bourbon BBQ Sauce.

Feeling inspired? Get more recipes at ButcherBox.

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