Candy x Coffee Pairings You Need in Your Life

Candy x Coffee Pairings You Need in Your Life

We've got candy on the brain, what can we say?
by Team Trade | October 25, 2022

We’ve got candy on the brain this week, so here are some of our favorite coffee and candy pairings to use with your own Halloween stash. Because we know you have a stash, too.

Novo El Mirador + Reese’s PB Cup

We usually go to Brazil for coffees with that delicious combo of peanut butter and chocolate, but this Guatemalan gem has plenty of that flavor, with a bit of fruity acidity for balance.

Wonderstate Heartstrings + Raisinets

This blend of Ethiopian coffees marries dried fruit, like raisins, but also some fun berries, with a bit of cocoa flavor in the background.

Feast Wush Wush Natural + Starburst

Whatever your favorite fruit flavor is, there’s a decent chance you’ll taste a bit of it in this super fruity Ethiopia.

Maquina Forestal + Terry’s Orange Chocolate

This balanced Colombia makes us think of this orange-scented chocolate treat–not your average Halloween candy, but great fun.

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