Our Favorite Things: Ekua Ceramics Pour Over

Our Favorite Things: Ekua Ceramics Pour Over

An artful way to make coffee.
by Alex Chennault | June 25, 2020

For better or worse, as humans, we have a tendency to endow our personal objects – our belongings – with meaning. To others, it’s just stuff. But to you, it’s all about subtext. It’s that one sunny color that lifts you out of the blues. It’s your beloved stack of novels moonlighting as a bedside table. It’s the curve of a coffee mug’s handle that feels as if it were made just for your hand.

Though these tokens are inanimate, we partake in the ritual of choosing items, adorning our homes with objects from which we derive visual or emotional pleasure. We take solace in our favorite mug – even if we have three others in the cabinet, standing at the ready – we’ll hand wash that one just because it makes the brew taste better. We compulsively reach for the vessel that gives us the most joy. Maybe it reminds us of a certain time in our lives, a special someone, or radiates a comedic sensibility that we must indulge.

Ekua Ceramics, made by the hands of Sara Ekua Todd, are more high art than home goods. Her work brings up our long-neglected need to play, instead of pandering to our “adult” default setting of “work, work, work, work, work.” There is movement and life in each of her pieces, as if they weren’t thrown at all, but spun out of a creative’s need to make and express and to hold space for their own ideas.

If you go out of your way to surround yourself with aesthetic choices that inspire (or if you just believe in beauty for beauty’s sake), then this stoneware pour over set is for you.

1440x770 Ekua

Ekua Ceramics Pour Over Set ($120)

Note: pictured in alternate colorway on site

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