Our Favorite Things: Neenineen Pal Mugs

Our Favorite Things: Neenineen Pal Mugs

A bright and cheery start to the day.
by Alex Chennault | July 23, 2020

Making friends with our morning rituals is made easier when you’re drinking freshly brewed coffee out of a one-of-a-kind Pal Mug. Each set comes with its own personality in a surprise color and shape combo — the epitome of a dynamic duo. Every mug is hand-thrown and entirely unique to your order (no two pals are alike). After they’re glazed, patterns are free handed.

Neenineen is the brainchild of Paris-born and RISD-alum designer and ceramicist, Ninon Choplin. Today, Ninon crafts signature whimsical tableware out of a studio in LA.

Per Ninon, the idea for Pals started with a desire to offer pieces at a lower price range that wouldn’t compromise on design and aesthetics. You can order in sets of two, four, six, or eight. Due to their handmade nature, your new pals will ship four to six weeks after you pre-order.

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Neenineen Pal Mugs, set of two, ($36)

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