Common Grounds: Khanh Trang

Common Grounds: Khanh Trang

Making the coffee world Greater.
by Khanh Trang | August 12, 2020

Common Grounds shines a spotlight on people doing incredible things in their communities around coffee. Their work advances creativity, causes, and conversation, and expresses the notion that specialty coffee is for all.

We're back with our latest installment of Common Grounds. Today we bring you Khanh Trang, Co-Founder and Director of Coffee at Greater Goods Coffee Co. in Austin, Texas.

"At Greater Goods, I’m able to share my love for coffee with our community. Coffee doesn’t have to just be a way for people to get going in the morning. It can be an enjoyable sensory experience just like craft beer or wine. Giving back to the Austin community directly is also built into the Greater Goods business model. A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of each coffee bag goes directly to one of four local nonprofits, including Austin Pets Alive!, the Central Texas Food Bank and the Autism Society of Central Texas." Meet Khanh.

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