Scary Good Coffee: 2023 Edition

Scary Good Coffee: 2023 Edition

Beware all who enter here.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | October 21, 2023

It’s that time of year again folks—spooky szn.

Halloween’s just around the corner, and like always, we’re looking to our Director of Coffee (and cinema) for his top coffee and scary flicks pairings of the year.

TRD00121 BRC Midnight Surf Main Bird Rock Midnight Surf & Open Water (2003)

Not exactly a surfing movie but it’s hard to do better for nighttime water chills than this minimalist cult-classic about scuba divers lost at sea. Pair with Bird Rock’s delicious dark roast for a combination of scares and comfort.

TRD00120 EQU Nicaragua Flor De Dalia Natural Main Equator Flor de Dalia & American Horror Story: Season 1 (2011)

We’re pairing one of THE iconic California roasters (who opened an LA shop earlier this year) with this season-long exploration of LA horror lore. Episode 9 features its own Flor de Da(h)lia, and it is much darker than this fruity Medium-Light roast.

TRD00121 WON Organic Harvest Main Wonderstate Harvest Blend & Children of the Corn (1984)

Get your scythes out and ring in the fall harvest with this delightful, gently fruity blend from one of our Midwestern faves Wonderstate. Pair it with, what else, the midwestern farming horror: Children of the Corn.

[TRD00120 PER Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley Main]() PERC PNG Wahgi Valley & M3GAN (2023)

The PERK-iest new horror icon to come along in years? That’s right, it’s everyone’s favorite new toy, M3GAN. Pair her with this cheerfully fruity natural coffee.

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