Love Notes: How Coffee Brought Us Together

Love Notes: How Coffee Brought Us Together

In the words of Johnny Cash...
by Team Trade | February 12, 2020

We take sharing coffee personally. For coffee lovers like us, it's a way of bringing someone else in on a topic we care deeply about. So, it should come as no surprise that much of Team Trade has found connection with their loved ones over coffee.

Whether it's the joined experience of making coffee together or apart, we're sharing our stories this Valentine's Day.

Carter, Cash, and Coffee

When asked for his definition of paradise, Johnny Cash famously replied, “This morning, with her, having coffee.” He was talking about his wife and music partner, singer-songwriter, June Carter Cash. 

Johnny stole my line. 

There is love in simplicity — in shared rituals and idiosyncrasies. The beauty of mundanity — of the small certainties that keep us grounded in the present moment – I think that’s part of the appeal of the paradise Cash was talking about. 

And, of course, he was talking about being in love with his girl. Waking up to her. Waking up, putting the kettle on, grinding the coffee (which sounds like a table saw and inevitably shakes the final remnants of sleep from the corners of your eyes). He was talking about the understated pleasure that is pouring her a cup — watching the steam curl from the mug in her left hand as she expertly brings it to her mouth and reads the Sunday paper in her right one. It’s a quiet moment — a utopia unto itself.

We Now Interrupt This Story

This morning, with her, having coffee. 

— Katie Sims (as told to Alex Chennault, Head of Design)

A Latte Love

Since I moved to NYC, my dad and I rarely see either for more than a quick lunch or over the holidays. Learning more about coffee, however has given us a whole other world to talk about.

I love exchanging opinions on new roasters and brew methods with him. We even made a trip out of this passion and went to our first espresso-making class in Denver!

— Jessica Churgin, Product Associate

Blendo Stupendo

I had just started my new job at Trade when I met Ari on a dating app. By the second date we exchanged numbers, on the third business cards. I asked him if he liked coffee, an important qualifier regardless of where I worked, and when he said "yes" my overactive imagination began planning lazy weekend mornings brewing coffee together.

We parted ways on the promise that he would check out the site. When I got to my desk the next morning, he had already bought two bags — Sterling's Blendo Stupendo, to be exact. In the uncertain age of online dating, I could see no clearer sign of commitment and knew he was the one. Now that we live together, I always have plenty of new coffee on hand for weekend brewing, but our kitchen is never without a bag (or two) of Blendo Stupendo. 

— Randy Miller, Content Marketing Manager

Crossed Connections

Coffee is a huge part of my relationship with my wife. When we were dating, and lived in a tiny studio together, we'd put Cointreau in our coffee on Sunday mornings when we woke up late and read the paper together.

Today, with two kids under five, more often than not we don't always see each other, since she leaves the house early and I usually get home after she's gone to sleep. When I get home, I always set up her coffee and leave a note about what we're drinking this week, that she reads while making her pour over on the way out the door. She gets to sip the coffee throughout the morning at work, and it's a way for her to feel connected to me even when we're both too busy.

— Mike Lackman, CEO

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