City Guide: What to do in Denver

City Guide: What to do in Denver

Here's how to spend a perfect 48 hours in a big city with even bigger small-town charm.
by Team Trade | June 16, 2023

Despite being one of the country’s fastest growing cities over the last decade, in many ways Denver still holds the charms of a small-town city – the kind of place where, in the evening, you’ll run into folks at dinner that served you coffee that very morning. You’ll find it’s much more than the mountains that surround it, and it’s the people that really define the pieces that make it up. (But don’t skip the mountains, you silly goose!)

Denver is one of those cities where you need to take some time to dig a little deeper to get to the good stuff, so we’re letting you in on some of our all time favorite spots for good eating, good sipping and beyond!

If you’ve got 48 hours and some change, in Denver, this is how Huck suggests you spend it.

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