City Guide: What to Do in Miami

City Guide: What to Do in Miami

The Magic City is full of art, amazing food, and top-notch coffee.
by Ashley Rodriguez | November 24, 2021

People always take a step back when I tell them I’m from Miami, Florida. Miami is a city that’s often mythologized by visitors — people think of beaches, all-night parties, and the cutting-edge art scene. While Miami, nicknamed The Magic City, has all these things, it also boasts amazing food, beautiful architecture, and a cultural identity fueled by the Caribbean immigrants who have shaped the city.

Whatever experience you’re looking for, Miami has it. In terms of traversing the city, having access to a car or a rideshare service is almost a requirement (public transportation can be lacking and the city is very spread out). But no matter what neighborhood you’re in, Miami’s food and culture will draw you in and help craft a visit you can’t experience in any other city in the US.

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