6 Foolproof Picks for Irish Coffee

6 Foolproof Picks for Irish Coffee

Selecting the base for your Irish coffee is easier than finding a four-leaf clover with these classic roasts.
by Team Trade | March 14, 2019

You can't have great Irish coffee without great coffee.

You don't need a four-leaf clover to luck into a legendary St. Patrick's Day cocktail! These classic chocolaty, caramel, and nutty roasts all pair well with whiskey and can hold up to dense, fatty whipped cream for a perfectly blended Irish coffee.

A full-bodied, rich, and chocolaty roast that's so perfectly complementary in an Irish coffee.

Coffee Manufactory 11 Dark Blend ($17)

This blend is approachable and sweet, to make your beverage more dessert-like.

Airship Buffalo Blend ($12)

This decaf makes a more mellow drink that still tastes like the real thing.

Temple Decaffeinated Colombia San Jose ($16.50)

This one adds a snappy bit of brightness to the classic flavors of an Irish coffee.

Panther Guatemala Finca El Limonar ($21)

Darker flavors stand up to an extra splash of cream.

Tandem Stoker ($16)

It may come from Tanzania, but full and lingering notes make it perfect for your favorite St. Patrick's Day drink.

Quills Tanzania Muriba ($18)

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