4 Coffees That Taste Like Summer in a Mug

4 Coffees That Taste Like Summer in a Mug

Including a coffee that reminds us of lemonade (you read that right!).
by Team Trade | July 28, 2019

Talk about summer lovin'.

Just because cold brew is the drink of summer, doesn't mean your favorite year-round beverage has any less a place in our hearts. There are plenty of coffees bursting with the flavors of summer when brewed up hot. With notes of tropical fruit, flowers, and even lemonade (you read that right!) these coffees taste like summer in a mug.

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A blend of washed and natural Ethiopians is a wild idea that Madcap has been executing wonderfully for years. It pops like a tropical fruit soda and is balanced by elegant tea notes.

Madcap Summer Solstice ($19)

This coffee from the always delicious Hambela farm in Ethiopia tastes like sunshine and a pleasant breeze or — more specifically — like peach, tea, and flowers.

Onyx Ethiopia Hambela Buku ($20.50)

This is one smooth and balanced coffee, with notes of walnut, marshmallow, and fig pastry it's a real delight.

Augie's Mexico Oaxaca ($14)

A downright sugary coffee with notes of berry, summery lemonade, and even a little bit of milk chocolate leading to a refreshing, yet balanced drinking experience.

Gimme! Finca San Luis Gran Reserve ($25)

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