These Coffees Will Make You One Happy Camper

These Coffees Will Make You One Happy Camper

There’s no roughing it when it comes to this coffee.
by Team Trade | May 08, 2019

There’s no roughing it when it comes to this camping coffee.

Going back to basics doesn’t have to mean basic coffee. Your campsite mug can be just as good as the one you make at home when you start with the freshest coffee and know your way around an open flame.

While cowboy coffee, with its rugged legacy and easy instructions (add ground coffee and cold water to a pot and boil), is a reliable campfire caffeinator, it’s not the only one. Hit the road with filtered water (no iodine, please!) and all the tools you need with our trail-tested camping coffee gear.

ESPRO Travel Press

Why We Love It

Leakproof and vacuum insulated, this patent-pending system not only makes a pour over-style coffee with hot water, but it keeps it that way!

Great For

Just about anyone who wants an all-in-one solution that can brew a clean cup of just about any roast.

ESPRO Ultralight Travel Press Bottle ($29.93)

Best Bet

A crisp, snappy blend with plenty of texture that takes especially well to a clean, filtered brew method like the ESPRO.

Verve Wilder Blend ($18.75)

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Kalita Pour Over

Why We Love It

Lightweight, made from easy-to-clean and durable stainless steel, and fits over just about any camp cup or larger pot — what's not to love?

Great For

More advanced brewers who love lighter roasted single origin coffees and don’t mind packing a little extra gear (think: gooseneck kettle, filters, and an optional travel scale) in their bag in exchange for control.

Kalita Wave Pour Over ($40)

Best Bet

Bright and tart but still plenty approachable for an easygoing morning on the mountain.

Tandem Jhon Edison Molano ($18)

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Trade Cold Brew Bags

Why We Love It

Get back to nature with our plastic-free eco-friendly cold brew bags. Because all you need is room temperature water and refrigeration is not required, you can pack your concentrate and add hot or cold water to taste or brew it overnight and have it waiting for you in the morning.

Great For

Anyone who loves cold brew or prefers a lower acid cup of coffee.

Trade Cold Brew Bags ($7.50)

Best Bet

With its sweetness and complexity, this specially roasted coffee shines hot or cold.

Onyx Onyx Cold Brew ($15)

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Why We Love It

Eminently portable and super-easy to clean, the French press’s little plastic buddy comes in handy when you’re looking for a brewed coffee that can resemble the intensity of espresso out in the wild.

Great For

Enthusiast users who want the versatility to brew just about anything, including an espresso-style beverage on the go.

AeroPress Coffee Maker ($29.95)

Best Bet

A fantastic house espresso with beautiful balance.

Madcap Third Coast Espresso ($16)

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Porlex Mini Grinder

Why We Love It

Perfectly sized to fit over the top of an AeroPress, this premium hand grinder can be counted on wherever life takes you.

Porlex Mini Grinder ($80)

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