Coffees That Feel as Good as They Taste

Coffees That Feel as Good as They Taste

Think of steak and french fries when you think of these coffees.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | November 01, 2019

"Body" (or "mouthfeel") is a word that’s important in describing coffee, though less obvious in its usefulness than "flavor" or "taste." But think about your favorite foods and why you love them.

Consider the best and worst versions of each dish: perfect French fries, crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside. Compare those with soggy fries that spent way too long in the delivery bag. Or compare a juicy steak with one that's overcooked and tough.

None of these words convey flavor, they describe how food feels. In coffee, texture (AKA body) is also quite important. And while how you brew the coffee will affect body as well, these four coffees start out with particularly great textures all on their own.

Not all dark roasts have big bodies, but all things being equal you are more likely to get a thicker cup from a dark roast than a light one. Red Rooster's 4&20 French Roast is cinnamony sweet and has an almost sticky texture that’s really pleasant to drink.

Red Bay's Brazilian Cake Lady's honey process lends its big body in this smooth and sweet cup. Milk chocolate, peanut butter, and golden raisin acidity rounds out this well-balanced selection.

Just because it has a light body, doesn’t mean El Barril from Passenger doesn’t have tons of complex flavor. Leading with a brown butter sweetness, apricot jam, and fresh floral aromatics, this cup’s light body is like a magnifying glass for flavor.

We tend to think of naturally processed coffees as big and fruity, and while this one is bursting with berries and a winey acidity, the body in Onyx's Ethiopia Gedeb Beriti Natural is smooth and silky with a soft lingering sweetness.

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