Trending Now: Single Origins for Dark Roast Lovers

Trending Now: Single Origins for Dark Roast Lovers

There's more than just great blends out there.
by Maciej Kasperowicz | September 29, 2020

More often than not, roasters use blends for darker roasted coffees. But plenty of single origins have the body and sweetness necessary to stand up to higher temperatures. Fans of dark roasts will find plenty to love in these distinct coffees.

DOMA huehuetenango dark

DOMA already sells this Guatemalan coffee as a medium roast, but they decided to take it darker with great results. Its chocolate notes are amplified and mixed with a gentle smoky flavor.

DOMA Guatemala Huehuetenango Dark ($21.20)

Gimme indonesia java

Southeast Asian coffees are known for big bodies (which are important in supporting roast notes) and earthy flavors (which mesh really well with roasty notes). So this extra-dark single origin from Gimme! makes all the sense in the world.

Gimme! Indonesia Java Highlands ($18.85)

PT's Huerta del rio

Because of the changes it undergoes in decaffeination, decaf coffee often looks darker than it tastes. This Mexican decaf, though, brings the roast notes you’d expect from its appearance with candy bar sweetness in support.

PT's MWP Decaf Huerta del Rio ($20.60)

caffe vita peru

There are obvious similarities between dark roast coffee and tobacco, but they don’t often taste that much alike. This coffee is a pleasant exception, with a sticky body and the earthy, sweet notes of good tobacco present through the smoke.

Caffe Vita Peru Rancho Sabancaya ($21.20)

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