Staff Picks: Last Taste of Summer

Staff Picks: Last Taste of Summer

Savor every last drop.
by Amanda Abene | September 04, 2020

Like a good bag of coffee, summer always goes by too fast. If you’re savoring every last second of the season, like our Coffee Guide Amanda, this week’s Staff Picks will make the feeling last.

“What a summer it has been! While I’m a fall girl at heart, I can’t help but want to hold on to the last few weeks of warm weather and blue skies. These are some coffees that will keep me in the summer mood as the leaves start to change.”

gimme angel bbs

"Peaberries are typically known to offer bright acidity and in-your-face complex flavors. However, this Gimme! coffee has perhaps the most balanced roasted peaberries I have ever had. Your first sip is all chocolate and sweet vanilla with a beautiful, ripe peach acidity finish. If you’ve never tried a peaberry, jump on this coffee ASAP."

Gimme! Angel BBs ($14.75)

greater goods halo berti

"This coffee offers long-lasting sunshine — even as the sun starts to set earlier and earlier! With notes of Meyer lemon and jasmine, this coffee is the grown-up version of your childhood lemonade stand."

Greater Goods Halo Beriti ($22)

city of saints la virgen

"To introduce myself back into fall mode, this coffee from City of Saints is the way to go. It’s a super-sweet offering with comforting notes of milk chocolate. But, you still taste those summer vibes of green tea and ripe stone fruit as this coffee cools down. I personally love this coffee as cold brew with a tiny splash of cream."

City of Saints Colombia La Virgen ($17)

methodical finca la unica

"Y’all ready for this? Ice cream is the best part of summer. You want a strawberry fudge sundae in a mug? This is the coffee for you. It’s been my go-to brew for the past few days — the best after lunch pick-me-up besides, you know, a big scoop of ice cream."

Methodical Honduras - Finca La Unica ($19)

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