These Seasonal Coffees Are Everything You Want for Fall

These Seasonal Coffees Are Everything You Want for Fall

Berries, spice, and everything nice!
by Team Trade | September 23, 2019

Typically, when we talk coffee seasonality, it has much more to do with the weather where coffee is grown. But there's another climate factor dictating which coffee you might be drinking and when: the weather where coffee is enjoyed.

If the changing season has you craving maple, apples, cranberries, and a certain popular gourd, these coffees will take you there! We consider the first day of fall an excellent opportunity to try something new, or get reacquainted with an old favorite.

Intensely fruity notes of red grape and cherry combine with a maple sweetness, making this syrupy-bodied cup easy to enjoy.

Onyx Colombia San Jose ($22.40)

Comforting and warm, this smooth coffee brings a bright acidity to a nutty sweetness in a way that just feels so right.

Augie's Guatemala Finca Beatriz ($18.85)

This easy sipper is straight to the point, with notes of chocolate candy, orange and caramel to please any palate.

Temple's Honduras Clovis Vasquez ($21.80)

There’s always room for dessert. Wise words and the taste theory behind this rich, toasty coffee that stands in for a fix of your favorite dark chocolate.

Verve Buena Vista ($18.25)

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