Staff Picks: Fall Back

Staff Picks: Fall Back

It's time to reintroduce rich, autumnal coffees into your rotation.
by John Crisan | September 22, 2021

If you said “See you in September” to richer coffees, it’s time to reacquaint yourself. In this week’s Staff Picks, Trade Coffee Guide John shares his favorites for the changing seasons.

“Cooler mornings have me reaching for some bolder coffees, but by the afternoon I still want some fruity goodness to keep me hanging on to this last bit of warm weather. These coffees have been helping me ease into fall.”

Stay Golden Hang Tough

"I like to brew this on a Hario V60 so I can make the most of the lime hints in this otherwise incredibly round, smooth cup of coffee. As soon as the lime disappears, it’s followed up with a sweet peanut buttery and caramel-filled finish.

There is nothing tough about this coffee — easy to brew, easy to love!"

Stay Golden Hang Tough ($21.80)

Greater Goods Good Vibes

"Boy, do I have a soft spot for Brazilian coffees. This one is naturally processed, combining unparalleled chocolaty smoothness that Brazil is famous for, while preserving some of the fruity elements of the coffee cherry and keeping a big friendly body.

If you have a Chemex, its thick paper filters and clean tendencies will make one heck of a juicy, clean cup."

Greater Goods Good Vibes ($17.40)

Atomic House Blend

"Just when I thought a house blend couldn’t surprise me, Atomic’s steadfast House Blend follows up an inviting classic approach with a finish that’s swirling with everything from vanilla to a touch of tamarind.

Brew it any way you'd like, it comes out just plain tasty."

Atomic House Blend ($17.40)

Screen Shot 2021-10-21 at 10.45.02 AM

“This Burundian coffee from Mother Tongue has been a perfect partner to cooler mornings with it’s uncanny apple pie sweetness and just enough acidity to wake you up. Might be the best companion to homemade zucchini bread I have found yet!”

Mother Tongue Ubuto Karuzi ($25.90)

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