Trick Out Your Halloween Haul With These Coffee and Candy Pairing

Trick Out Your Halloween Haul With These Coffee and Candy Pairing

These sweet combos are all treat, no tricks!
by Maciej Kasperowicz | October 28, 2019

Even if you don't typically keep sweets around, you'll probably be treated to some candy this week. The good news is, coffee and dessert are a natural pairing. So, Halloween is the perfect time of year to experiment with sweet flavors in your mug.

For the spooky season, here are some pairings for the delicious candy you’re likely to have in your stash.

If You Have… Peanut Butter Cups

The only combo more common with peanut butter than chocolate is jelly. So why not all three? A naturally-processed Ethiopian coffee is your best bet for the jammy berry and grape flavors you’ll find in your favorite PB&J and Gimme!'s Ethiopia Dame Dabaya fits the bill perfectly.

Gimme! Ethiopia Dame Dabaya ($20)

If You Have… Rice Krispies Treats

When we think of marshmallows, s’mores come to mind. So why not pair a cereal treat with a coffee that completes that campfire experience. Sightglass’s Banner Dark is smoky, chocolaty, and even tastes a little bit like graham cracker.

Sightglass Banner Dark ($14.75)

If You Have… M&Ms or Milky Ways

Whether you’ve developed a nut allergy and can’t enjoy peanut M&Ms or Snickers anymore, or you just happen to have plain M&Ms and Milky Ways laying around, this coffee has that nuttiness you've been looking for. Equator’s COMUCAP cooperative tastes like peanut brittle and will go wonderfully with chocolate and sugar.

Honduras COMUCAP Fair Trade Organic ($20.90)

If You Have… Lollipops

Most of our duos work together to create a new, different taste, but pairings can also work to amplify existing flavors. Kickapoo’s Ultraviolet blend has such strong all-around fruit flavor that seamlessly blends with any fruity lollipop you might have handy.

Kickapoo Ultraviolet ($19.75)

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