Do You Like Scary Movies? You'll Love These Coffees

Do You Like Scary Movies? You'll Love These Coffees

by Maciej Kasperowicz | October 31, 2019

Even if you're not a year-round horror aficionado, you might watch something spooky tonight. And because coffee goes great with everything, we paired your favorite horror flicks with the appropriate coffees to keep you alert for those scares (and the trick-or-treaters!).

If You Like… Candyman

Two things about the Candyman (don’t say it five times!): he’s a Chicagoan and always has bees around. So any viewing of this '90s horror classic needs a coffee with a sticky, honey-like body that's roasted less than three miles from the Candyman’s home.

Try Something Like…

Metric Fulton Street ($19.45)

If You Like… Friday the 13th

There are roughly a million Friday the 13th movies — varying wildly in quality — but the series has its roots at summer camp. So why not pair it (or one of the many other camp horror flicks) with a coffee that tastes like marshmallows kissed by the campfire?

Try Something Like…

Irving Farm Hudson ($18.85)

If You Like… Suspiria

The 1977 Suspiria uses colors that are more striking than just about any other horror movie ever made. So it deserves a fruity coffee with flavors as vivid as the color palette of Dario Argento’s classic.

Try Something Like…

Kickapoo Ultraviolet ($19.75)

If You Like… Midsommar

What best to pair with this year’s biggest art-horror hit? Well, its got to be something floral and — as it’s set in Scandinavia — something on the lighter side would be appropriate. A festively floral Ethiopian fits the bill beautifully.

Try Something Like…

Verve Ethiopia Reko ($23.85)

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